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“Multimodal Smart Appliance Ensembles for Mobile Applications”

MuSAMA is based on the hypothesis that ubiquitous machine intelligence, envisioned for our future everyday environments, will be provided by dynamic ensembles: Local agglomerations of smart appliances, whose composition is prone to frequent, unforeseeable, and substantial changes. Members of such ensembles need to be able to cooperate spontaneously and without human guidance in order to achieve their joint goal of assisting the user. The resultant concept of autonomous cooperative assistance poses new challenges for the research on ubiquitous and ambient information technology.

Work in MuSAMA therefore concentrates on the investigation of models and algorithms that allow dynamic, ad-hoc ensembles to deliver the assistive power of Smart Environments independently of external or global knowledge. Globally coherent ensemble behavior with respect to a user's need emerges from local interaction of individual appliances. The application scenario for MuSAMA are instrumented rooms that support teams in knowledge exploration and knowledge integration based on distributed display facilities.



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JULY 2016
Ph.D. Defense M.Sc. Stefan Gladisch
"Supporting Graph Editing in Visual Representations"
Friday, 01.07.2016 / 11:00  / room 001 / Albert-Einstein-Str. 22 / Konrad-Zuse-Haus


MARCH 2016
Sebastian Unger (3rd March 2016) has defended his Ph.D. thesis successfully!!!


Invited Talk: Dr. Sebastian Mittelstädt
Title: The Effective Use of Color and the Compensation of Physiological Biases for Information Visualization
15.12.2015 / 13:15 / room 101 / Konrad-Zuse-Building


The paper On Resampling for Bayesian Filters in Discrete State Spaces presented at the ICTAI 2015 by Martin Nyolt got a Best Student Paper Award.


Vlado Altmann (9th Jan. 2015) and Benjamin Wagner (13th Jan. 2015) have defended their doctoral thesises successfully!!!


Anke Lehmann (17th Dec. 2014) has defended her Ph.D. thesis successfully!!!


JUNE 2014:
Kristina Yordanova presents a paper "Strategies for Reducing the Complexity of Symbolic Models for Activity Recognition" at 16th International Conference on Artificial Intelligence: Methodology, Systems, Applications.


JUNE 2014:
Axel Radloff (24th June 2014) and Kristina Yordanova (30th June 2014) have defended their Ph.D. thesises successfully!!!


MARCH 2014:
During the Annual Conference EUROGRAPHICS'2014 in Strasbourg, France, four new Fellows of the Association were elected by the Executive Committee.
Frédo Durand, MIT, USA,
Eugene Fiume, University of Toronto, Canada,
Heidrun Schumann, University of Rostock, Germany,
Michela Spagnuolo, CNR-IMATI, Italy.

All have significantly contributed to the development of Computer Graphics and to the Eurographics Association.



Our PhD-Student Michael Rethfeldt wins the Professor Dr. Werner Petersen-Preis 2013!!!
It is both the highest remunerated award in Germany for a Masterthesis in a MINT study course and in Northern Germany the highest remunerated award for a student of Engineering Science!! Congratulations!! 

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